Best Poison For Rats and Mice Problems Ft Lauderdale

all rat poisons will kill the rats in the attic, but they die ANYWHERE

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permanent rat control for Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Pembroke Pines, and Miami

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Using Poisons To Kill Rats And Solve Mice Problems

kill mice with poison

Even when  rat poison works perfectly, it is only a temporary answer to your rat problem. At its worst, killing rats and mice with poison leaves dead rats inside the attic where they cannot be retrieved, the carcasses smelling up entire home, and and new rats continue to enter the Fort Lauderdale home. The photograph above shows a dead rat and poisoned colored fecal droppings from having digested the poison.
Poison Control Is A Poor Choice for Controlling Mice and Rats

  • 1). rats in the home problems are building problems   Rodents inside a home is caused by the home having entry points allowing the animals to get inside. If these areas are not repaired and critter proofed, new rats will eventually replace the poisoned rats

  • 2). a poisoned rat or mouse will NOT leave the structure to die and could very well die inside the attic or wall where no one can find it
    Nothing attracts a rat as much as when it picks up the scent of other rats. An attic that has a mouse problem or even a past rat problem will carry a rat scent. Other rats in the area will try to join these rats in your home.

  • 3). poison would have to be continuously applied to continue killing new rats
    Rats follow the scent of previously infested homes. The droppings and waste of previously poisoned rats will continue attracting new rats. A rat problem addressed only with poison will never control the rat problem.
  • How To Solve Rat Problems
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  • 1). cut the landscaping as neatly as possible, with all trees cut away from roof and as little clutter as possible

  • 2). find the entry points, concentrate the search along the eave... and seal these entry points with steel flashing or another material that rats cannot chew through

  • 3). load the attic with large snap rat traps, setting about 15 for the average size house

  • 4). clean out attic to remove rodent scent factors, vacuum out the droppings and spray the insulation with enzyme solutions

  • To control rat populations, consider the options. Methods of Fort Lauderdale rat control include poisons, snap traps, glue traps, and live traps. Rat poison is a poison bait which animals eat. Most rat poisons are anticoagulants which prevent blood from clotting. The mouse poison works by affecting different systems of the animals body.  The rodent cannot form a blood clot and when an artery or vein ruptures, the animal dies. An external cut or internal bleed can cause the poisoned rat to bleed out and die.  Be prepared to find rodents randomly outside as well as missing up in the attic. Make sure to keep all rat or mouse poison away from children and pets. No mouse or rat poison sold anywhere causes the animal to seek water or to die without smelling up the house. No chemical poison product has ever had this capability and no manufacturer has ever claimed such a feature - but pest control operators will sell the poison saying it can do this.

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